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Our Fat Castle

About Us

We’re a Couple With Big Dreams

So you’re probably wondering to yourself. What the heck is a fat castle?  What’s this site all about?

It all began when my wife and I had just started dating a few years ago. We were both in our late twenties/early thirties and were dreamily discussing the lavish future we both dreamed to achieve. We would spend our afternoons talking about all the things we wanted to accomplish: financial independence, cool cutting-edge tech gadgets, PhDs, a healthy lifestyle, impressive physiques, stamps on our passport – the list went on and on.

We’re Figuring Our How to Build Our Ideal Lifestyle – Our “Fat Castle”

We decided that in order accomplish all these things, we had a lot of work to do. We needed to do some pretty intense research in order to get from living paycheck to paycheck and paying off student loans to our ideal lives. We figured if we can master ourselves and craft the lives we want – it would only be fair to assume that once we accomplished all that we’d be living in an elaborate castle of our dreams. I’m not just talking a mansion. We’re envisioning the kind of castle that you’d see in a twisted version of a Disney Movie – complete with Moat, and Fungeon (a dungeon of FUN), and an indoor movie theater/bowling alley. (Did I mention, we’re a bit odd?). We’d need to make some serious lifestyle modifications if we ever hoped to one day be relaxing in our “Fat Castle” with all of our accomplishments and endeavors to show for.

This blog is an Anonymous Way to Document and Share Our Journey

The Fat Castle blog serves as a way to study the steps to get to that ideal lifestyle we’ve been dreaming up all these years. It’s a collection of the things we love and the tools we’ve found to make our lives better. We decided to keep it anonymous so that we can be as candid as possible, hence the reason we go by “King” and “Queen”. We hope you’ll join us on the way and leave some insights of your own. We hope to connect with other like-minded young adults who are crafting the lives they want and headed to their own Fat Castles.

From the king and queen, we thank you for reading and always welcome any and all advice or suggestions!